Nerja Sewage Plant Update

nrj-sewage-plant-onlThe construction of the Nerja, sewage-recycling plant has been inactive for four months, despite promises for it to be finished by the end of summer – here’s why.

One of the reasons for this standstill is a local bylaw that prohibits work on streets etc during the summer months; i.e., so as not to hinder the all-important tourism sector.

You see, the project is not only the actual building just above the N-340, but also entails pipes that go down to Burriana Beach: the recycling building is 96% finished where as the whole project, including the pipe work, stands at 76% completion.

Work that had been authorized in the Burriana area in February, but the company (a temporary fusion or UTE between Isolux-Corsán-Corviam) had failed to conclude it by June, as promised.

The UTE is also waiting for a green light from the Ministry of the Environment, as well as extra financing for an additional project that includes seven outlet points that were not in the original project.

These additions put an extra 2.2m euros onto the original budget of 23.5m euros. As this extra sums amount to more or less 10% of the original sum, it contravenes the law that prevents excessive over budgeting: Ley de Contratos del Sector Público.

In the meantime the merged construction companies hope to be able to renew activity around the middle of this October, after the Feria de Nerja has passed.

The work, which commenced in January 2014, includes the main building, a pumping station on Burriana Beach and conduction junctions on several streets and avenues, as well as an outlet pipe going out to sea.

The Nerja, sewage-recycling plant will relieve the town of the dubious honour of being the only coastal town on the Costa del Sol without one. This will not only be a great relief for the townsfolk themselves, but also for beach users in neighbouring Herradura/Almuñécar and nearby Costa del Sol towns as well.

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