Herradura’s Paseo Puddles

LHR Paseo looking west OnLIf one day, in the distant future, it actually gets around to raining, Los Herradureños know that the paseo is going to flood – it always does.

That is because the underground, rain-drainage system, or lack of it, along Paseo de Andrés Segovia fails miserably, which is why they are finally going to do something about it, now that the summer crowds have departed.

Yes, the Almuñécar Town Hall has announced that it is going to redesign the sewage-drainage/mains water system and even, perhaps, come up with a pedestrian pavement.

The work, which will costs over two-million euros (cough!) will be carried out in two phases. The funds will be provided by Mancomunidad, who raise the money with an extra tax on your water bills.

First Councillor for La Herradura, Juan José Ruiz Joya, said that they will also try to reorganize the traffic system so that the summer tourist floods will be just a little less chaotic. In the winter, of course, there is no problem as the village can only rustle up 4,000 grudging inhabitants, and that’s counting schizophrenics twice!

The plan is to have a roundabout where Avenida Prieto Moreno joins the Paseo de Andrés Segovia, because that’s where the traffic jams form.

Councillor Ruiz Joya admits that earth-moving machinery and lorries will cause a bit of an inconvenience to the villagers, which is why Phase One will begin in December, or even January, so as to conclude before summer… Yeah, right!

“We are aware that this work is going to go on for sometime; more or less nine or ten months, but we must avoid the work coinciding with the summer months,” explained Councillor Ruiz. He was referring just to the first phase, by the way.

The second phase, if it goes ahead, will see the renewal of the old pedestrian pavements.

So, it could be a goodbye to puddles and unpleasant adornments riding the ripples.

We will keep you informed…

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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