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ALP Soportujar WitchesThe Alpujarra village of Soportújar is holding its annual Feria del Embrujo as it has done in August for the last eight years.

The witching hour begins on the Thursday the 11th with the triumphal entry of a group of witches – not sure whether it’s a broomstick fly past or they’re just going to march in; wicked guests of the village’s 300 inhabitants.

Now, the witches are really locals and tourists, suitably dressed for the occasion, obviously, but be nice to them, just in case – who wants to be a turned into a toad in this heat, after all?

There will be a aquelarre (witches coven) in the square and a chance to sample lots of local Alpujarra products as well as some live music.

Soportújar has a long history of witches and black magic, which is why the Town Hall hit on the idea eight years ago to use it to promote the village. Since then, La Noche de las Brujas has become an important element within the many fiestas in the Alpujarra region and one of the most popular summer ones.

The Mayor, José Antonio Martín, considers that the success of the Feria del Embrujo has been quite a surprise because on the first year that it was ever held, 5,000 people turned up, whereas last year saw 20,000 – not bad for a village of just 300 inhabitants, eh?

He also explained that they are in contact with towns with a similar link to witchcraft, such as Zugarramurdi (Navarra) or even Salem in the States.

As we said, the fiesta starts on the 11th with the witches arriving but will continue until the 13th, which is the Patron Saint’s day, San Roque, but the big day, as far as witchery things go, is the 11th – get their earlish, mind.

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