Fire Culprits Arrested

AND Fire investigation unit OnLThe forensic department of the regional police, charged with investigating forest fires, has identified the cause of two recent fires in the province.

The first fire broke out on the 9th of June in the municipality of Cónchar, caused by bonfires lit to burn branch cuttings etc. Those in charge of the fire had taken no safety precautions. Fortunately, emergency response was swift and prevented the fire from taking on extensive proportions, even so pines, almond and olive trees were lost.

The second fire took place on the 20th of June within the municipality of Albuñol, which was also caused by a badly controlled bonfire.

This police department manages to get to the bottom of 70% of forest and mountain fires in the province of Granada – they had already cleared up the cause of two fires in March; one in Charches, the other in El Valle.

During the course of 2015 they brought 14 people before magistrates as those responsible for causing fires. That’s 14 of the 20 fires during the course of that year

(News: Province of Granada, Andalucia)

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