Más que Arte

An event in 3 languages

How to connect people who are interested in art, music, books and theatre, together for a social occasion?

You do this by having a wonderfully varied all-day event including all of these things.

Six women from Almuñécar got together and started with these questions. Who would like to join them and be creative? Who would like to join an exhibition of art and sculpture? Who could perform sketches? Who could play music, or sing or would like to dance? Who is the author of a book and lives locally? Who has special gifts or ideas? Where could all this take place?

So, the 6 women used their skill and initiative and relying on their connections in the community this is what is happening.

The event is called Más que Arte and takes place on March 5th 2016 at Venta Luciano in Almuñécar. The management of Venta Luciano were immediately enthusiastic and cooperative.

It is a whole day connecting all sorts of art. An exhibition of art and sculpture, music, theatre, readings and dance. Visitors will have the opportunity to spend time viewing the exhibition, and various “acts” and maybe taking part in dancing. There will be surprises during the day.

There are 25 artists from many different nationalities taking part, the common factor being that they all live in Andalucía. The entrance fee of 10 euros includes a drink and a tapa provided by Venta Luciano. The bar will be open for drinks and snacks (not included in the entrance fee).

The works of the artists will be for sale and many works will be under 100 Euros. There will be an auction of some art and all the profits will go to charity.

Throughout the day there will be sketches and readings in English, German and Spanish.

There will be musical acts, guitar, violin, choir and a band, and some line dancing (with the opportunity to join in). There will be surprises too!

A simple and inspired idea – and altogether it should be an entertaining and enjoyable day

(News/Culture: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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