Avenida Juan Carlos I Reopened

ALM New Beach Roundabout OnLAlmuñécar’s main thoroughfare, Avenida Juan Carlos I, running from the bus station to the beach, has been reopened to traffic in time for Christmas.

This reprieve, however, will be short lived because after Los Reyes (6th January) it will be closed again from the Solbank roundabout to Calle Málaga.

Now you’re probably wondering where Calle Málaga is. It’s a pedestrian street (the second up from the Solbank roundabout) with Catalan Occidente on the corner.

The new mini roundabout at the beach end is up and running, which should improve the traffic flow, not that it was ever problematic.

The recently completed work involved laying separate drainage pipes for the sewer system and rain-water drainage – until now both contents ran through the same pipes meaning that after heavy rainfall the drains overflowed and turned the beach road into an unsavoury pond.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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