We Are Really Connected!

FTR ITMost of our clients know that we have been on vacation in September. During our travels – via airplane, bus, car and ferry boat – we have observed a reality of life today, which we spoke about not that long ago: we are all connected.

Almost 99.999% of the humans we observed, from ages two and up, all had some kind of digital device wherever they went. Conducting business or WhatsApp-ing on Smartphones, reading books on their e-book readers, playing games or watching movies on their varied-size tablets, doing work on their laptops, and soon, doing more on their watches… everyone had a reason to be digitally connected.

This phenomenon of digitalization has burgeoned into a universal norm, whether one was connected to the internet or not. Observing the innumerable media photos of the thousands of migrants One wonders how they re-charged their phones after so many hours and miles of travel, and who provided them the connection service.

In the restaurant world, we have already experienced waiters taking the food order on a Smartphone and calculate the bill on it but also provide us a paper receipt at the end of the meal, the only paper used other than the menu. The world of APPs is expanding exponentially and with every hardware upgrade comes a barrage of new APPs… competition is more than fierce and software creativity is limitless. Meanwhile, globally there are those few who refuse to become involved with this new era of connectivity… and yet, they still own an old mobile phone – what we like to call a “dumb phone” – even they are hooked, if only by necessity. Unfortunately,they are missing out on some of the benefits of this era (e.g. eliminating the need to go to the bank to find out their balance, or booking their trip online instead of depending on a travel agent).

Are jobs being lost to automation? Yes, but many of these jobs are evolving into something new. Are we losing our social and inter-personal skills? Yes, to some degree – depending on how we use these devices. Keeping the balance between the old and new worlds does not have to be daunting and should not be feared. It is all in how we choose to accept this global change and go with its flow.

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