Yesos was a No-No

ECO Yesos Protests OnLDozens of residents of the tiny coastal village of Los Yesos, east of Motril, held a demonstration on the N-340 with a series of demands.

The protesters had effectively closed the main road between 11.00h and 11.30h on Saturday the 9th, but as the protest followed the opening of the A-7, they were bypassed by the majority of the traffic.

Their demands were centred upon putting right the alterations caused to the local landscape by the A-7 construction in detriment to the the village below – the new autovía drainage caused flooding to some houses.

Their other demands were concerning the encroaching sea level, which during high water caused by gales is already reaching the lower houses.

The Chairwoman of the local neighbours’ association, Pilar García, voiced the villagers concerns that the rising sea would eat away at the village if the relevant administration did not take urgent action.

(News: Los Yesos, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Los Yesos Neighbourhood Association)

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