Storm Victims Update

The heavy rains on the morning of Monday the 7th in the province of Granada, especially on the eastern Costa Tropical, have a final death toll of four.

Besides the 61-year-old man who took refuge in his car when a wall of water came down the rambla near Rúbite, only to be literally swept into the sea several kilometres further down, three Eastern-European immigrants also perished.

The three other victims had been living in a 2-meter wide drainage tunnel, in appalling conditions, belonging to a large plastic greenhouse. When the storm water hit, they were washed out of the pipe into the Barranco de la Angostura near the Rambla de Albuñol, probably dying within moments, not only because of the water, but all of the debris mixed in with it.

The first two of the three, both Lithuanians aged 63 and 50, were found in the barranco itself whilst the third, a 41-year-old Russian, Nicolai, initially couldn’t be found, until today when his body was found floating 500 metres off the beach.

The body had been swept 28 kilometres down to the coast…

(News: Albuñol, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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