Dry Riverbed Clearing

MOT rambla cleaning OnLThe Junta de Andalucía is going to spend 280,000 euros on clearing out the abundant vegetation in the dry riverbeds (ramblas).

That is, at least, what the Delegate for the Environment, Inmaculada Oria, said, during her visit to the said riverbeds in Torrenueva and Motril.

The characteristics of our rivers – a euphemism most of the year – is that they produce a lot of weeds and small bushes because even though the surface is dry, there’s water running beneath; at least, there is always enough moisture to maintain the vegetation on the surface.

So, just when you need a great big, empty riverbed to squeeze heavy autumn rainfalls down to the sea, they are choked with weeds – think ‘cholesterol in arteries and veins.’

Now, we’ve been lucky so far because the end of August normally sees energetic cloud bursts and torrential but brief downpours, so perhaps the Junta is leaving it a bit late to hook out the jungles growing in the ramblas? Let us hope not.

(News: Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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