Bogus Policeman Arrested

A 23-year-old man was arrested in Motril for impersonating a police officer and threatening behaviour.

The accused had approached a group of youths, identifying himself as a policeman, who was investigating the theft of mobiles. He ordered them to show him their mobiles.

However, the group, made up of two girls and a boy, smelt a rat and claimed that they did not have their phones on them.

At this point the man, who was carrying a half-full litre-bottle of beer under his arm, became more aggressive in his behaviour; i.e., threatening to use the bottle of them if they did not hand their phones over.

He also allegedly sexually molested one of the victims.

One of the girls, fearing for her safety, handed over her purse. It was as he was going through the backpack of the other girl that the real police showed up.

He was detained and taken to the Motril National Police headquarters to be charged.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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