Bullfighting under Siege?

AND Protesting bullfighterBullfighter Morante del la Puebla refused to finish off his 5th bull of the afternoon, after protesters invaded the ring in Marbella.

In fact, if you listen to Andalusian radio, (RAI), you will hear members of the bullfighting fraternity complaining how there is no control over anti-bullfight protests.

The bullfighter’s refusal was not so much over the two people who ran into the ring and were consequently tackled by his team, but at the police’s passive attitude.

Well, perhaps “passive” is not the correct word, as the police are considering fining his bullfighting team for tackling the ring invaders.

The two anti-taurino protesters, who irrupted into the plaza after his third bull, were almost immediately released by the police, which sparked off an extended and bitter exchange between his team and the police. By the time that he was on the point of finishing his 5th bullfight that afternoon, he was more than annoyed with the attitude of the police, so he simply refused to finish the bull off with his sword.

The fact is there is a growing ground swell against bullfighting in Spain, leaving those that support the sport, or art form, if you prefer, feeling besieged and not supported by the authorities.

(News; Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga – Photo: Taty2007)

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