Starry Night, Nevada Night

AND Starry nightIf you really want to see a night’s sky crammed with stars, then there is no place better than on top of the Sierra Nevada, and the best starry night of the year is the 12th of August!

Bearing that in mind, the 12th of August is the big night up there because it is the night of the Perseids; the most spectacular shooting-star shower of the year.

On the 12th, despite there being no snow now, the Cetursa ski station will have the Borreguiles ski lift operating, lifting visitors from the Sierra Nevada village of Pradollano, at 2,100 metres up to 2,700 at Borreguiles.

The company in charge of the ski slopes, Cetursa, together with Ciencialia has organized the event, which starts with a chat in the Borreguiles Restaurant about the meteorite shower, also known as the Lágrimas de San Lorenzo.

Whilst adults are getting ‘the gen,’ next door there is a kiddies’ workshop: Aventura Espacial

After that everybody is taken to the Borreguiles Astronomical Station where the guests will be entertained by a chamber orchestra (trio) whilst viewing the heavens from this spectacular vantage point, void of light contamination.

You’ve got something already planned for the 12th? Don’t panic, because there will be another event up there on the 29th, which is a full moon. The event is entitled Sonríe a la Luna (Smile at the Moon), which also includes a cabaret diner at Restaurante Alcazaba with a musical theme of the Moon.

Both these events belong to an astro-tourism to promote the Sierra Nevada in the summer.

Right, if you want more info; prices, bookings, timetable for the 12th August event then here you are. If you want the same sort of info for the 29th August event, then click here! Both links are in Spanish, but we’re sure you can manage. 😉

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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