Blows over Dog deaths

A brawl over the poisoning of several dogs resulted in six people being treated for injuries in Las Gabias. Most of the injuries were from blows with sticks, although there was also a stabbing.

The incident started at 23.30h in the municipal dependency of Híjar, belonging to Las Gabias, just outside Granada.

After receiving an emergency call, local Guardia Civil and Policía units arrived at the scene of the disturbance and managed to separate the feuding families.

The fight was over the poisoning of six greyhounds, worth some 9,000 euros, back in May of this year. The owner of the dogs had placed a complaint before the Guardia Civil back then.

He included in his statement that a witness had seen a ‘known individual,’ climbing over the wall to the premises. The said witness actually tried to lock the suspect in but the he eventually got away.

A local vet was immediately called out but he could do nothing other than to certify the death of the dogs through poisoning.

And the said witness wasn’t the only person to identify the suspect because the Guardia Civil have the names of at least six people who have identified the said individual as the culprit.

Evidently, justice was taking too long and tempers flared, resulting in the two families coming to blows.
(News: la Gabias, Granada, Andalucia)

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