The Next Windows Generation

FTR Zen JL15Before we get started… Just a quick mention that Zen2Net in Almuñécar will be closed  from Thursday, July 2nd through Tuesday July 7th. Now on with their July article:

The current tech buzz is all about the next Microsoft operating system, Windows 10  (no, you did not miss 9…it never existed and the reasons don’t really matter now). What is important is what Windows 10 offers as a departure from what most PC users already know and are accustomed to. The official release date is July 29th so in advance, here are some key features for those non-Apple users:
1. The START page merges Windows 7 (list) with Windows 8/8.1 (tiles)… makes for a busy screen, but might be just what many users need.
2. As Internet Explorer is being phased out soon, Project Spartan is replacing it with Edge as its new browser. This will be a major change for most people as Edge allows you to write/type notes directly on a webpage, share it with others, and other intuitive functions.
3. Windows Apps are now Universal Apps, as Microsoft has developed one platform for all its products (similar to one car chassis used for different models).
4. Similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft presents Cortana where user interaction with the PC is via voice.
5. The enhanced Cloud enables all files to be accessed from any device regardless of where it originated. The photos App automatically creates albums based not just on when and where but on who the subjects of the photo are.
6. With security heightened even more, Microsoft offers a 2-factor authentication (2FA) feature to further protect its users and their data.
7. Along with the advent of Office 2016, there is greater interactivity with the ‘Touch Centric’ feature.  All in all, the idea is that your PC gets smarter over time based on your behavior.
Seven versions of this system are due with a base price of about €110.  If, however, you currently are running a qualified Windows 7 or 8.1 system, Microsoft will download W10 for free… the key word is ‘qualified’ so not everyone’s  PC will comply.
Mr. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s current CEO, has set his vision for the company: “We want to move from people needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows; that is our goal.”
If Windows 10 is as useful, seductive and compelling as he would like it to be, then perhaps it’s time to buy up some Microsoft stock shares.
We all know that technology is evolving and developing at a dizzying rate and will not slow down anytime soon. The question is how up-to-date we want to be.
With bugs to be worked out and many unanswered questions, stay tuned here for more updates.

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