Pervert Plastered in Poo

Sunday, June 28, 2015
By David Darby

WLD Overturned LooMost readers will sympathize with a small group of people in Portland, Oregon, USA, who, at the beginning of June were confronted with a 48-year-old homeless man who was masturbating in a portable toilet.

Unfortunately, he thought it very funny to do this in a public place with the door open.

Despite several attempts to speak to the man and explain that he was causing offense, the behavior continued. That was until one man had had enough; sneaking behind the portable toilet, he pushed in over onto its door, thus trapping Flashing Fred inside.

The police arrived and managed to free Pervy Pete from his odorous prison, covered in feces and not quite so keen on playing with his one-eyed trouser snake as he had been half an hour earlier. Maybe out of sympathy, the police did not arrest or cite the man.

Willie Halliburton of the Portland police, hit the nail on the head when he explained, “Physically, he’s fine, but he had a crappy day,” he said, adding, “Fortunately for him, he had some clothing he could change into and clean himself up later. It worked out okay.”

The police did add that in future, witnesses to incidents such as this should call 911 and not take justice into their own hands.

Let’s hope our homeless penis puller doesn’t continue to take things into his own hands!

(News: Wonky World)


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