Does Net Neutrality Exist?

AD-Zen2NetWe have often written about our belief in IoT (The Internet of Things) and the environment in which we live where everything and everyone is connected… somehow. As progressive and altruistic as it may be, it is not as simple as it sounds; many extenuating circumstances come into play, of which ‘net neutrality’ is a key point to be addressed.

‘Net neutrality’ is the principle that all internet service providers should provide access to all content and applications regardless of their source, without selecting, favoring or blocking specific products or site.

The way electricity operates in the home is a good similarity: you can plug in any device, anywhere, as many as you want and get electric current. So in theory everyone should be able to access all sites and products on the internet, but this does not happen in many countries for one reason or another (political, cultural and social norms notwithstanding).

Mr. Zuckerberg of Facebook fame had his own altruistic-cumeconomic goals when he launched is a partnership between Facebook and certain mobile phone operators, whose goal is to bring affordable internet access to less developed countries through their infrastructural efficiency, thereby empowering new business makers and models to develop.

Since 2014, some participating mobile networks have been established in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, India, the Philippines, Guatemala, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malawi. The concept of giving technologically undernourished honorable… reading some of the stories on’s site will give you an idea of what it would like to do.

But like many honorable intentions, the economic side paints a different picture. This is where net neutrality is most affected for the most obvious of reasons as the old adage WIFM (What’s In It For Me?) holds true here too. Facebook and its similar followers all have to make money but how and to what end?

There is a cost to being connected and the question ultimately will be paid to whom, how much, and what parameters will be set by all those governing bodies that surround us. There is a multitude of talent in the world that has yet to be tapped, talent that can produce new ideas, techniques, products and systems that can benefit all mankind. We hope that with some brilliance and innovation these talents will one day be able to connect globally and achieve their dreams.

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