All New Padel Courts Open

LHR Padel Courts OnLThe rest of the new padel courts in La Herradura have now been opened to the public; i.e., all four courts. One was sneakily inaugurated before the elections.

Together with the seven padel courts in Almuñécar, the municipality now has a total of eleven padel courts – not bad for a small seaside township!

To ‘christen’ the new courts, there will be a tournament involving 80 pairs, within the following categories: male, female, minors and ‘absolutas’ (haven’t clue what that last one’s about).

Anyway, the tournament is organised by the Almuñécar Pádel Team and Las Palomas. Those that put their names down received water, balls, a T-shirt and even a paella today, Saturday the 30th of May.

The padel courts had a budget of 164,119 euros and the Almuñécar company, Marcos Bustos Rivas ‘Turcoast’ won the bid to build them next to the existing sports pavilion within the Barrio La Mezquita, just below the main road.

Thanks to the close proximity of the pavilion, padel-court users can take advantage of the washroom facilities next door.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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