100,000 Euro Speeding Fine

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 10.44.57This one will have you pondering the rights and wrongs of speeding fines and the way they are enforced. None of us like it when we are fined for speeding… especially me, as was the case recently. My fine was 50 euros, which, when living on a tight budget is a lot of money.

However, a motorist in Finland was recently handed down a fine of 100,000 euros. His offence was no different than mine, but in Finland, you are fined based on your wealth. So, Anders Wiklof, an extremely wealthy businessman was slapped with this hefty penalty based on the fact that he is a multi-millionaire.

Although the fine is one of the highest ever, there have been several other similar incidents. Like the very wealthy Ferrari owner, who was fined 210,000 euros for doing 85mph through a village. He was described as a ‘repeat offender’ which didn’t help his cause.

Anyway, back to the rather unhappy Mr. Wiklof and his mere 100,000 euros, he admitted his wrongdoing but said, “I’d rather put that money towards the elderly, health, daycare or whatever,” now that sounds like a man who knows his charities. “I have only myself to blame, but one can question whether it is fair.” he concluded.

So, my furry readers, you be the judge, should the insanely rich pay the same as anyone else, or should they pay an amount that equally punishes them? Having said that, I wouldn’t mind betting that the 50 euros I forked out hurt me a lot more than the 100,000 hurt Mr. Wiklof!

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