III Olimpiada Matemática

LHR Maths Competition OnLThe La Herradura Centro Cívico was the venue for the III Olimpiada Matemática, Costa- Alpujarra with 84 pupils taking part.

The number-loving schoolkids came from schools in Pitres, Órgiva, Lanjarón, Salobreña and La Herradura, explained the event coordinator, Miguel Ángel Cañedo, who is the Maths teacher at La Herradura’s secondary school.

The competition, which was held on Thursday the 12th, wasn’t a school-vs-school one, but everybody against everybody, with kids from the same schools facing each other.

Most of the pupils chosen from the La Herradura school were girls, which adds up, because they actually study the class subject whilst the boys limit themselves to studying the girls, naturally.

Actually, girls, being multi-taskers, are capable of studying the boys simultaneously, but without the tried-and-trusted schoolboy technique of resting their eyeballs on their protruding tongues…

There will be a second round of the III Olimpiada Matemátic in the second half of April in Pitres in the Alpujarra.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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