Andrés Segovia Prize Cancelled

andres segovia classical guitar competitionOne of the prizes included within the XXVI Andrés Segovia Classical Guitar Competition had been declared null and void.

The Jury, presided over by Antonio Martín Moreno, made the statement after it was found that the five best entries for ‘own composition’ had already been published, which is against the competition rules.

A total of 40 compositions had been submitted, coming from Mexico, France, Italy, Argentina, Germany, as well as Spain, explained, Sr Martín, “of those we chose the five best but when we checked on the Internet, we found that they had all been published.”

Given that the rest of the compositions sent in were considered inferior to the high standards expected by the competition, the prize was declared null and void.

The said prize was worth 2,000 euros.

In the meantime, the four finalists for the top prize battle it out this evening at the Centro Cívico in La Herradura.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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