NRJ MaroweenThirty years ago the Spanish didn’t do Halloween but after decades of the event being explained in school English classes, it’s here to stay.

Like Santa Claus, these Anglo fiestas have made an inroad into Spanish society through its children. Whether people feel that is a good thing or not is another question.

One town to embrace this Anglo-Saxon (originally Celtic) tradition is Maro, which not only celebrates Halloween, but has even decided to marry this foreign word with the name of the town; hence, Maroween.

The First Councillor for Maro, Javier López, and member of the Junta de Festejos de Maro announced the agenda for this years big fiesta, which is also the Fiesta de la Castaña y Boniato (Chestnut and Sweet Potato Fiesta).

For instance, instead of being just a 1-day event, it will now run from the 31st of October, starting at 18.00h, all the way through to and including the 2nd of November.

There will be plenty of fun attractions, such as the Horror Street Market, which will be running all three days and located on Calle Real.

For the famished there is also a Tapa Route through the bars in the village… both of them. Nah! just kidding; there are more!

Live music at 23.00h with the village dance band, Electroduende, as well as a DJ hammering out canned music.

What else? A fancy dress competition… and that’s just the 31st!

On the 1st of November the street market opens at 11.00h and then at 17.00h in the Salón Municipal de Usos Múltiples there will be a lecture on parapsychology – if the dance band doesn’t wake the dead, then the lecture might…

Then at 17.15h there will short-film horror movies at the Hogar y Centro Social so pop along and have the willies put up you for free! Some whose first language is not English might like to check out that phrase in an English dictionary before getting their hopes up, by the way.

There’s a play on the Plaza de Maro at 20.00h, put on by the Grupo de Teatro Balcón de Europa, which will be followed by the DJ and then at 22.30h the main musical group, The Bud Spencer Band.

As for Sunday the 2nd, the street market opens at 11.00h on Calle Real, which will include kiddies’ games and competitions. On the main square there will be pottery. beekeeping and sculpturing workshops, as well as one for decorating pumpkins (somebody tell them that it’s too late).

Then at 12:00h in the Centro Municipal de Usos Múltiples there will be a lecture given by an expert on tarot cards, numerology, symbolism and sense magic, as well as the history of Halloween. Free entrance.

At 13:00h Funky (music band) will perform on the main square.

Finally, a bus service will be run between Maro and Nerja on Friday and Saturday leaving Nerja on Friday at 18.00h and returning 02.30h and then Saturday leaving at 12.00h and returning 02.30h. All buses will stop at: Hotel Mónica, Hotel Jimesol, Clínica Rincón, Ermita, Kiosco Cerica and Maro.

Don’t put too much faith in these bus times as the press release is as clear as mud, so check it out at the Nerja Tourist Information Office, for example, to be on the safe side.

(News: Maro, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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