Volunteers Clean Up Cerro Gordo

volunteers clean up cerro gordo, granadaAround 50 volunteers of all ages, belonging to the Hombre y Territorio group, spent a Sunday cleaning up Cerro Gordo.

Actually, they combed a good part of the Paraje Natural de Cerro Gordo y Cantarriján, starting off at first light, picking up dozens of kilos of litter and rubbish throughout the day.

The volunteers, who were kitted out with gloves and rubbish bags, traipsed the 1,300 metres of land along the access lane leading from the old main road down to the Playa Cantarriján .

Hard work and lost free time, doing what should not have been necessary, if the filthy buggers that had dropped the litter in first place had taken it back home with them or had deposited it in the rubbish bins.

(News: Herradura, Costa tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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