WLD Sheep CannabisJournalists have been flocking to Fanny’s Farm in Surrey in the UK over the past few days… all because of the story about a flock of sheep who discovered some abandoned drugs and managed to get themselves high.

The farm manager was rather perplexed as she approached her flock of sheep one morning recently.

Quite a few of them were staggering around and others appeared to be munching away rather more quickly than usual. Then she discovered the dumped cannabis, or what was left of it.

Who knows? Perhaps the cannabis was stolen in a ram raid, but however it got there, the police have promised that none of the sheep will be spending any time behind bahs for their drug activity. It total, seven bags of the drug were were consumed overnight by the wooly druggies and police believe the value to be in the region of 5,000 euros.

The farm manager expressed her surprise to journalists: “At first I thought it was just dumped rubbish. I wanted to removed the black plastic bags as they can be dangerous, but when I got close I could smell what was obviously a form of herbal cannabis plant.”

It appears that the dumping area is right next to a footpath and road. Officers were quickly on the scene, hoping not to have the wool pulled over their eyes during the investigation. They did say that a dealer probably dumped the drugs after being fleeced by addicts.

Detective Constable David Fair of the Surrey Police said: “It is extremely irresponsible (or even shear stupidness) by whoever dumped these illegal plants and we are doing all we can to find out who is responsible for this.”

Mind you… it’s going to be a hard job trying to trace the criminals as most of the evidence was consumed by the rather sheepish looking residents of the field.

Finally, Surrey police report that local schools are now changing the words to traditional nursery rhymes: Bah Bah Black Sheep, have you any weed?…

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