Unintelligible for Foreigners?

blue zone ticket machineThe Almuñécar branch of the IU party says that it has received complaints from the foreign community about the instructions on the blue-zone machines.

It is not that the translations from Spanish into English, for example, are ‘exotic,’ because there simply are no translations into any language, pointed out the IU Spokesman, Fermín Tejero, which makes it difficult to impossible to follow the instructions correctly for a foreign tourist, for example.

For this reason they have registered a request at the Town Hall, asking the company that runs the blue zones to get their act together, linguistically speaking. In other words, information on the ticket machines and parking signs should also be in English, French & German, etc.

Regardless of whether their request is heeded or not, the IU intends to launch an informative campaign to give foreigners “the necessary elements to be able to use said service.”

“This task really corresponds to the Town Hall and the blue-zone, managing company, but given how long it is taking, we shall do it ourselves,” said Sr. Tejero.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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