Registering Problems on the Site

spambots registeringWe’ve had a spate of ‘false users’ sign up on this news site, all ending in – about five a day on average. Consequently, we have had to delete them.

This site has anti-spambot measures, which is why anybody registering has to answer two simple security questions which should prevent automated, spambots from registering – obviously it is not working.

There is a chance that we have mistakenly deleted a genuine site user therefore if that is your case, please re-register making sure that you include a first name and surname – the spam bots don’t supply this information, so any new registrations without this information are immediately suspicious.

If you are wary about leaving your name then just supply any first name and surname.

We are constantly having to ‘prune’ the registered users list and some time ago weeded out about 90% of the registered users as obvious spamsbots, leaving us just over a hundred genuine registered users.

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