Rebel Army Officer Appeals to King

Lieutenant speaks out again military abuseLieutenant Luis Gonzalo Segura published a book in which he claimed that the Army was riddled with incompetence and corruption. His superiors were not impressed.

Now facing between six months and six years in a military prison, he’s decided to appeal to the King, who, as Head of State, is the Commander in Chief of the Spanish armed forces.

So far, King Felipe VI hasn’t responded to the request.

Lieutenant Segura spent 22 days on hunger strike, dropping down from 73 kilos to 61 before abandoning it and deciding that the King was his best chance of avoiding incarceration.

He believes that with just a short audience before the King it would be sufficient to inform him of all the maladies in the forces. He complains about how the mothers of serving personnel are treated and how servicemen with psychological or physical problems are treated, too.

He goes on to reveal that there are “hidden business dealings,” 29,000m euros in debts, tanks with no fuel, submarines that don’t float, aircraft with zero hours flying time and no maintenance, parachutes past their service life and a lack of spending accountancy and transparency.

But there’s more: there are too many generals, colonels and lieutenant colonels…

He finishes by saying that his only desire it to have “free, democratic and modern” armed forces.

Editoral comment: if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined, as they used to say in the British armed forces back in the 70’s

(News: Spain)

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