Mercy Killing?

In the north of Spain a municipal policeman allegedly murdered his elderly parents. He then turned his service pistol on himself ending his own life.

Locals from Barakaldo, just north of Bilbao, were shocked into disbelief with the general consensus that the 52-year-old suspect was a “good person” who looked after his sick parents, “practically everyday.”

The murders were discovered around 18.00h on the first Sunday of June at Nº 12 of Calle de La Bondad in Barakaldo. A relation had informed the police that he had been trying to reach the family but had been unable to get any response.

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The elderly mother (79-years old) had suffered a stroke four years previously and the 80-year-old father was unable to cope without their son’s help.

The translation of the street name, by the way, is “Street of Kindness.”

(News: Viscaya, Spain)

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