Goodbye to Pavement Bollards?

AND pavement bollardsA retired Granada man, Enrique Mirasol, has taken out a worldwide patent on an invention that will do away with curbside bollards to stop drivers parking on the pavement.

How many people have bashed their knee or shin against a low post; some of which are placed in the middle of pedestrian crossing, for example, after walking inadvertently into them? Plenty!

How many times has a somebody opened a car door and rammed it against one of these posts, because they hadn’t seen it? Too many! So, we’re talking about a welcome alternative to the pesky posts.

His invention is called bordillo disuario (dissuasive curb) and basically it is a series of sensors, set between curbstones, and connected by a cable running beneath them. Basically, the sensors detect the weight of a parked car and a signal is sent to the police station.

Once alerted – the devices provides a precise location – the police can either send a policeman around to fine the car owner or send the tow truck around to remove the badly parked vehicle.

Believe it or not, per metre, the system is actually cheaper than erecting and maintaining standard pavement bollards.

No doubt, a genius for some and a traitor for others…

Whatever drivers might consider him to be, the jury of the International Inventions Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, thinks that he’s the ‘bee’s knees’ and awarded him a gold medal for his brainwave in April.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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