Festival Internacional de la Cueva de Nerja

This year will see the 55th anniversary of this top-notch event held in Nerja.

Not only will the caves be the venue for some of the concerts but there will be four concerts held on the Balcón de Europa, which will be free admittance for obvious reasons, and starting at 22.00h

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Nerja Caves Trust, announced that the event will count on the presence of first-class musicians such as violinist, Ara Malikian and his orchestra, as well as flamenco cantaora, Carmen Linares from Jaén and singers Diana Navarro and Nuria Fergó.

Next day on the 20th of July, baritone Iñaki Fresán will give a performance accompanied by Juan Vicente Téllez on the Piano. The second half of the concert will see a performance by the Coral Alminares de Nerja, conducted by José Eugenio Vicente, including soloist renditions from tenor Iván Villa and sopranos, Carmen Vicente & Estela Vicente.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen on Monday the Lebanese violinist, Ara Malikian and his orchestra will perform. Ara is a top international musician with plenty of international prizes under his belt, as well as 40 albums. Local artiste, Fernando Hurtado, will also perform with his contemporary dance group.

Tuesday the 22nd will be the last day of the Balcón concerts and will feature the Banda Municipal de Nerja.

Down in the caves on the 23rd of July there will 6-piece, chamber, string orchestra, Cuerda Quirin, comprising of Violins, Violas and Cellos. The musicians belong to the prestigious German Chamber Academy, Neuss.

Thursday 24th July
: The Ballet Nacional de Perú, will give a performance – the first time that they have performed in Nerja Caves. The ballet company has seven ballerinas and will perform a piece composed specially for the occasion, entitled Preludio 2014. Choreography by Pepe Hevia with music from Chopin, Bach & Schubert.

Friday 25th: It Flamenco time with Carmen Linares with her Ensayo Flamenco, singing the lyrics of Lorca, Alberti, Juan Ramón & Miguel Hernández, amongst others. There will be piano accompaniment as well as Guitar and Percussion.

The last day of the concerts will be the Saturday the 26th of July and will feature Málaga artiste, Diana Navarro, backed by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Aljarafe, conducted by Pedro Vázquez.

Tickets are now on sale, both at the caves, as well as the Museo de Nerja and via Internet: www.cuevadenerja.es. Tickets cost between 40 and 30 euros, depending on seating. Remember that there are only 500 seats down there as 300 were dismantled last year.

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