Mobiles and Blue Zones

SAL Blue Zone OnLThe Salobreña Town Hall has just announced that it will be using a pioneering system to pay for your blue-zone ticket – using a mobile-phone app.

There are those that believe that the ‘promised’ or ‘threatened’ – depending on your stance – blue zones will never come about in Salobreña; not with three election dates between now and 2015. However, the Mayor is not amongst them.

Before the month is out, the Mayor informed, the parking areas will be marked out with blue paint and the signposting will be erected, even though the blue zones will not come into force until the summer.

The novelty is that the Salobreña blue zoning, unlike its neighbours, will include ticket purchase via an application on your mobile with payments via Pay Pal or Visa.

The trouble is, the press-release article from the Town Hall doesn’t mention how you physically obtain a ticket to leave on your dashboard when paying via your phone.

But anyway, on with the article… The Paseo Marítimo will have 604 paying parking spaces all with maximum-stay times. Avenida del Mediterráneo will have 161. This set up will require the installation of 22 ticket machines and ten patrolling ticket inspectors and a partridge in a pear tree.

The blue zoning will be in force from the 22nd of June through to the 15th of September and will cost 60 centimes per hour and 40 centimes for stays of less than an hour.

Residents on those streets can obtain a month pass for 30 euros.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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