Compensation Ordered for False Claim

A woman in Granada has been ordered by a magistrate to pay compensation to her ex for falsely accusing him of attacking her.

Irony has it that the location device that the man has to wear was her undoing. The woman claimed that he had attacked her in the Plaza Menorca, whereas, according to his tracking device, he was in Plaza Nueva at that moment. The margin of error that these devices have is a question of four or five metres.

The Provincial Law Court in Granada ordered her to pay a fine 2,880 euros for making a false ‘denuncia,’ as well as a hefty 4,000 euros in compensation to the man.

The incident occurred on the 31st of August 2012 when the women filed a report at the police station of the Policía Nacional in Granada. In the report she claimed that he had attacked and sexually assaulted her. She also claimed that he had threatened to kill her.

The accused was immediately locked up pending trial, where he spent four days, after which the infallible evidence provided by the tracking device came to light…

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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