Setting an Example

SPN education minister OnLThe Head of the Education Board in the Regional Government of Madrid, Lucía Figar, is not short of a penny or two, thanks to a generous public salary. Yes, Lucía has a gross annual salary of 87,000 euros.

Yet, this very same politician presides over drastic cuts in the regional education system, slashing free school books, school dinners and schooling grants. In fact, she has eliminated 300,000 euros in grants for school text books and 110,000 euros in free school meals… all at the worst possible time for struggling families.

But what has really irritated the Spanish general public is that Sra. Figar enjoys a school grant of 1,100 euros a year for her daughters in infant school. And let’s not forget that her husband also enjoys a not pitiful salary at public expense as a national level MP.

You would think that with such a salary she did not need an economic ‘helping hand’ at public expense, but even more damningly, you wouldn’t think that her application would have been approved.

It all came out in a Plenary Meeting where she was asked by an opposition member if equal opportunity for infant education (0-3) was guaranteed, and she responded that they were. Then the crippling question came: “Have you applied at any time for a grant for your daughters?”

Trapped, she could only respond that she had, because she knew that they already knew the answer.

What will be the consequences of this lamentable disparity between what the woman inflicts on others and what she permits for herself? Probably none.

(News: Spain)

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