Losing Faith and Ground – Editorial Comment

LHR Carmenes OnLThose affected by the landslip on Urbanizaciones Carmenes del Mar on Cerro Gordo, La Herradura are feeling increasingly bitter.

Hardly surprising, because when or if this is ever sorted out, judicially speaking, it might well be too late to save their homes.

They are rapidly losing faith in both the Junta de Andalucia and the Central Government because neither has “lifted a finger” to sort out this slow-motion tragedy that directly affects 451 families.

Yes, administrations make appropriately soothing noises, but when it comes to hard decisions there is just a deafening silence. Who else can sort this out if not one or both of these administrations, both with astronomic budgets and the power to solve the situation with a flourish of a pen and a rubber stamp.

Let’s see: everybody knows that the project should never have been approved; most people consider that the building work was carried out inadequately and “knowingly,” and everybody knows that the only people who are not to blame are the homeowners, who purchased in good faith, so how is it that the only people that are paying the consequences are those very homeowners?

Court cases in slow motion, hearings postponed because of faulty courtroom infrastructure, administrative silence from the very people who earn handsome salaries not only to sort this kind of problem out, but who principally “earn” those very same salaries to be on the ball so that this kind of Third-World caper never rears its head in the first place.

The Town Hall, be it governed by whomever, rings its hands, cries poverty and passes the buck to the Junta, yet this project should never have got past the municipal level of approval in the first place.

Show me a Spanish local old enough to remember Franco who does not know that you can’t build on the Punta around the port or Cerro Gordo because the hillsides are unstable?

Come on, Folks, does anybody seriously believe that Cerro Gordo would not have been smothered in villas, a-la Punta, long before it became protected land, if there had not been doubts over its stability?

Does it surprise anybody that the hillside between and above Cotobro and the Punta was not gobbled up when the rest Cotobro was stylishly urbanized?

Just who, precisely, are we trying to kid? Exactly! So why was Carmenes del Mar approved locally?

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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