The Mystery of the Lobres Punto Limpio

SAL Punto limpio OnLThe Partido Popular in Salobreña have been asking for months, they say, what’s the point of a Punto Limpio that isn’t working?

The said installation is in Lobres; a place to bring all your rubbish to be disposed of properly – trouble is, since it was supposedly put into being six months ago, only one despondent town-hall worker shuffles around there instead of an army of CEPSA workers.

A deal was signed between the Town Hall and the private cleaning company CESPA, who were to man the installations back in September

CESPA has the municipal contract for keeping the town’s streets and public buildings clean, but one of the clauses on the contract was that there were responsible for manning and maintaining the Punto Limpio in Lobres. CEPSA began operating in Salobreña six months ago but to date, according to the PP, they haven’t even poked their collective heads around the door of the Punto Limpio.

If there is anything more indicative of a lack of action at the Punto Limpio, it is the sign post with the opening hours… there aren’t any.

So… what is happening at Lobres Punto Limpio? The Town Hall appears to be reluctant to respond to that question.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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