Labour in the Lift

MOT Santa Ana main entrance OnLA policeman and maintenance worker at the Santa Ana Hospital rescued a pregnant women from one of the lifts. Her contractions had already started.

Tall Marame, 40, from Senegal found herself trapped in a hospital lift at 20.30h one Sunday evening. They don’t have a car so when the contractions started, they had called for an ambulance as they live in La Mamola.

A nurse was accompanying her to a doctors surgery for an examination, taking the lift to the appropriate floor. All was fine until they tried to open the lift doors that hadn’t opened automatically when they reached the required floor.

“We set the alarm off and were able to speak to a lady from the lift company… in Zaragoza. That wasn’t a lot of help and as nobody answered their cries for assistance, they phoned 112.

The municipal policeman arrived, together with a hospital maintenance worker and they set about getting the two woman out, which took 40 minutes, more or less, during which times the contractions came and went.

Once they were out, the pregnant woman was given a bed and oxygen. Finally, the baby was delivered via a caesarian section.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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