Taramay Park Renamed in Homage

ALM Taramay Park OnLThe existing park in Taramay, Almuñécar will be renamed Parque del Pozuelo, José Matías Rivas in his honour.

There is no doubt that the death of this local character, who worked as the town-hall electrician for 23 years, has touched the people of the town as a whole, as this renaming demonstrates.

The Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, considered it “only just” that the people of Almuñécar and its town hall “render homage to a dearly loved Almuñequero as thanks for his work, dedication, personality and spirit.”

The reason that this park was chosen was because Pepe was from Taramay and, in the words of he Mayor, “the park is a simple place, full of life and a meeting point for bikers; summing up, the park is a reflection of José Matías Rivas.”

Pepe was a keen biker and club member, which was why there was a full, mounted, biker turn out at his funeral service.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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