Waitress Faces 7 Years for Alleged Bankcard Cloning

The provincial Public Prosecutor is recommending 7-year’s imprisonment for a waitress who allegedly cloned her customers’ bankcards. The incidents took place in September and December 2008 at a restaurant in Churriana de la Vega, near the provincial capital.

A dozen witnesses testified, all of whom claimed to have been victims. Not all of them recognised her as the person who had taken their cards to pay the bill but none of the ones who did saw anything suspicious in the behaviour of the waitress at the time.

Her defence lawyer, on the other hand, recommended her acquittal, as, in his judgement, no crime had been demonstrated to have taken place during the two days of the trial.

According to the P/P., on the other hand, 31-year-old N.N.D. cloned the bankcards of her customers and afterwards “persons unknown” had made purchases with the falsified copies of the bankcards without the owners being aware of it. The P/P. considers that she not only swiped the cards in the legitimate card machine, but also in a card reader of her property that stored the information contained.

Although the accused denied this, the Guardia Civil considered that the co-relation between her shifts at the restaurant and the irregularities carried out coincided enough to indicate her culpability.

The case awaits sentence.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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