Advertises for Hitman to Kill Judge

The Policía Nacional arrested a 70-year-old man in Santiago de Compostela for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to take out a judge as an act of revenge. The said judge had previously sent him to prison for attempting to kill his own wife.

According to the police report, the incident dates back to August this year when the accused entered into his estranged wife’s house with a sawn-off shotgun with the intention of killing her – fortunately, the weapon failed to go off.

After his arrest the judge ordered his immediate imprisonment awaiting trial. When he was later released pending trial, it was with a court order to maintain his distance from his wife.

At the beginning of October the man was arrested again for having violated the court order. It was at this point that he allegedly hatched the plot to take revenge upon the female judge, whom he considered as having ruined his life.

Consequently, he placed adverts in the regional press with the intention of hiring a person to carry out a “special job,” offering a payment of 6,000 euros (no surprises for guessing that he was thinking in Pesetas = one million). According to police in the investigation, he received over 600 calls from aspirants.

He was arrested again on the 2nd of November and was released pending trial for these further charges with the condition that he does not live in the same town as his now ex-wife. Evidently, the judge was not too concerned about further attempts to find hired assassins.

(News: Spain)

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