A-7 Access for Lobres?

SAL lobres access OnLThe Ayuntamiento de Salobreña will pass a motion at the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council to request a roundabout access for Lobres from the A-7.

If approved they will approach the Provincial Council to have this junction included, thus connecting the A-7 with the GR-5300. To date, despite all the modifications to the autovía project, Lobres is still left high and dry, even though the autovía passes right alongside the village.

The First Councillor for the village, Ricardo Ruiz, argues that the village will be “deprived of development in a social, economic and demographic future..” He also likened the plight of the village to other towns with the same problem; i.e., Castell del Ferro, which has achieved a concession from the Provincial Council for a roundabout access.

Lastly, the First Councillor laments that the citizens of Lobres and Salobreña were not consulted about the final route of the A-7.

(News: Lobres, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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