Tomorrow’s Your Last Chance

So just how many years do you think it’s been since the Armada crashed here?

Four-hundred and fifty one would be the answer to that very question, as we mark the anniversary of the shipwreck of the armada in the bay of La Herradura in 1562 – Tomorrow is the last day!

So 451 years might not be a very major anniversary, but it has to be said that the people of La Herradura are every bit as proud of this landmark event each year that passes.

And how better to show international respect for he people that lost their lives on this fateful day and, than to commemorate the occasion with an artistic exhibition? Well, this is exactly what the Town Hall and collaborating artists from Hungary, Germany, Brazil, The Netherlands and Spain, have done.

With works that range from the most pure figurative paintings through to contemporary art, this exhibition had a series of workshops and meetings throughout the week.

Located in the Exhibition room of La Herradura’s Civic Centre, the exhibition is called I Reunión de Artistas Plásticos and will culminate tomorrow with each of the artists donating one of their pieces to the village and the patrons (Hotel Bahía, Helios Hotel, Carmen Hotel, together with restaurants, La Corrala, Los Arcos, Baena and Casa Paco) in appreciation for the event.

Participating artists include: György Baróti, Katalin Berczky, Jane Carraturo, Györfi Csuta, Ana María Garzón, András Györfi, Klara Ludvig Zoltán Ludvig, Zoltán Scékács, Luis Maldonado, Renate Van Nuen, Anna Digesu, Jesús Pueyo, Javier Montero and Pilar Millán.

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