Opposition to Law Court Closure

Almuñécar is on the point of losing its local law courts, meaning that all lawsuits will have to be dealt with in Granada.

The opposition party, the PSOE, has announced that they will begin a campaign to inform residents on the Ley de Demarcación y Planta Judicial and thus mobilize public opinion against it.

Local party leader, Francisco Prados, qualified the new law as “high handed” and represents the dismantling of the Almuñécar law courts, forcing Almuñequeros to travel over 80 km up to Granada for any judicial procedure.

“We’re not only speaking about the new legal fees imposed by Gallardón [the Minister of Justice], who is described by the judicial powers as the worst Minister of Justice of all time, because of his attacks on equality, but we’re also speaking about the disappearance of Almuñécar’s law courts, with all the related activity around them affected,” said Francisco Prados.

Editorial Note: Sr. Gallardón was considered a moderate until he achieved the top slot in the judicial system where he has changed his guise for a reactionary, according to many.

Since becoming the Minister of Justice, his transformation has caused no end of controversy, such as his plans to set back legal abortion to the levels of 1985. He is credited by his critics as having converted the Spanish legal system into one where only the wealthy can hope to afford to use the system.

Bear in mind that it is not only a large section of the citizenry that opposes the legal reforms, but virtually the whole judicial body; from top judges down to court clerks

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