Plea for Help over Carmenes del Mar

One of the most urgent items discussed in the Monday Plenary Meeting of the Town Council in Almuñécar was the plight of Carmenes del Mar.

It was unanimously agreed to call upon higher administrations to help solve the worsening problem of the sliding hillside under the Carmenes del Mar urbanizaciones on Cerro Gordo.

It is calculated the 60 percent of this housing complex, which comprises of some 400 dwellings, is affected by the continual earth movements. The Town Hall simply does not have the funds necessary to stabilized – or whatever the solution might be – the stricken housing complex.

Without doubt, somebody must take the blame for this inexcusable situation, but that will only be determined many years down the line after a lengthy – if not semi-eternal – legal battle. But in the meantime, conditions are getting worse and something needs to be now.

Accordingly, it was agreed in the Plenary Meeting to approach both the regional authority in Sevilla, La Junta de Andalucia, and the provincial authority in Granada, La Diputación – the former is run by the PSOE and the latter by the PP.

The prime worry for the Town Council is that the main access road for the urbanización is seriously damaged and might end up closed, which will not only affect the damaged and now uninhabited houses, but also the non-affected houses at the top of the urbanización which remain unscathed, who will end up cut off, nonetheless.

Actually, the voting was not completely unanimous as the IU abstained.

(News: Herrradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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