The Looney Left?

A councillor from the far-left IU party at the Mijas Town Hall managed to make a fool of himself before the whole Council.

The affair being discussed for voting was a mundane one; the naming of a street in an urbanización. The general consensus – barring one – was to name it Avenida del Descubrimiento; i.e., after the discovery of America, but the IU councillor considered it an imperialist suggestion.

He said, “this is a clear anthropological example of Spanish-European ethnocentrism.” Having made clear that he would have nothing to do with imperialism, he suggested instead, Calle Villa Romana.

The Mayor was amazed and lost no time to point out that as far as empires went, they don’t get more imperialist as the Roman Empire.

“The Romans invade Spain, and subjected the Iberian natives to their rule… How precisely are we to celebrate the most imperialists of the imperialist, for the love of God… sorry, of Marx?” It was obviously not the IU councillor’s most glorious moment – even his hair stylist appears to have it in for him…

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