Breathtakingly Stupid

What do you do, if you’ve already lost all the points on your driving licence and are about to be pulled over by the traffic police? Deliberately attempt to run over the Guardia Civil policeman is one option, thought one 24-year-old driver.

The incident, which took place at a routine check point outside Atarfe, ended up with the policeman in the observation ward of the provincial hospital, pending an operation to treat the fractures he received.

It was eleven in the morning on the A-44, alongside Albolote. The policeman saw an approaching car carry out a manoeuvre to avoid the control point. The police signalled for him to stop but he was off, so the police radioed ahead and had another check point set up outside Atarfe.

Upon seeing the new check point, instead of pulling to a halt and accepting fate, he sped up, aiming for the policemen, hitting one of them – the lad had obviously played too many video games…

The policeman was flung several metres by the impact, knocking into a concrete wall.

The police managed to stop the car before he could drive off. Inside the car was also a woman and a minor.

(News: Atarfe, Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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