Bus Trashes Three Parked Cars

The owners of three cars parked in the Nerja Caves car park had an unpleasant surprise; a bus driver backed into them.

It was 10.30h in the morning and 50 Italian tourists had just piled out of the bus and were forming a queue at the entrance when there was the sound of tortured metal. The middle-aged Italian bus driver appears to have got his pedals mixed up when backing the bus up to park it.

But it was not only three cars that were damaged, because the bus took out a wall, several trees, two lampposts and the roofing over the parking spaces, before literally crushing two of the parked cars; a Volkswagen and a Mercedes, and seriously damaging the third car, an Opel.

The Policia Local soon arrived, together with the Fire Service, followed later by a very large crane, which had been sent from Sevilla, to deal with the bus – a lengthy process. In fact it took from 15.00h until 18.30h to get the mess sorted out.

The crane was used to move the bus, which then started without any problem, and was driven off by the same driver who had caused the accident.

The two cars that were crushed were owned by an employee from Fundación Cueva de Nerja and a couple from Madrid on a tourist visit to the Caves.

The Manager of the Fundación de la Cueva de Nerja, Ángel Ruiz, whilst lamenting what had happened, said that he was thankful that nobody was hurt. He also pointed out that the cost of the damage to the installations would be met by the the coach’s insurance policy, as well as for the three cars involved.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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