Cantalobos Animal Refuge Visit

Several councillors went up to visit the Residencia Canina y Felina Cantalobos, in the hills behind Almuñécar to have a look around.

The cat and dog refuge, which sits on a 16,000 sq/m plot of land in in the Cantalobos, comprises of modern installations and is staffed by fully qualified personnel. But, it has had its share of problems with the Town Hall, especially under the ex-Mayor.

The reason for the visit from a Town Hall delegation was to check it all over, and there was little or nothing that they could find wrong with it. The idea is to strike a deal with the installation owners over its use.

Amongst the delegation were several representatives of the IU party, which has a green leaning and who were behind the initiative.

Editorial Comment: It really is a pity that the Cantalobos refuge has had to go through so many problems with the previous administration, so let’s hope that such turbulence remains in the past.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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