Maro Beach Best in Andalucia

Maro Beach has been classified as the best in Andalucia, thanks to online votes in a competition carried out by the national TV channel, Antena 3.

The survey is not only for Andalucía, however, but for the whole of Spain, with Maro Beach being the best regionally, so there are twelve finalists all told, one for each autonomous region in the survey to find the Best Beach in Spain.

You still have a chance to vote until the 30th of August for the Best Beach in Spain; all you have to do is go to the Antena 3 website to register your vote there. At the moment, Maro Beach is running in second place amongst the twelve finalists.

Maro competed in the same competition last year, but only obtained 9th place within Andalucia, so this year’s first place in Andalucia is a huge advance.

Here is the LINK for the voting page on the Antena 3 website:

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