Student Stabs Professor and Commits Suicide

A 23-year-old university student at Granada University took his own life, the day after having attacked a university professor with a knife, wounding him in the face.

The family of the deceased man said that he had left a note in which he explained his reasons for committing suicide. They also explained that he attacked the professor to prevent him from ever giving classes again, so that, “nobody will have to go through what I did.”

He signed off by bidding farewell to his parents, asking them to respect his decision to do with his life as he wished.

Apparently the young man had fallen into depression with the beginning of schizophrenia diagnosed, and according to his family the main factor was his problems with his professor.

“My brother took his exam results before the university board [to appeal against the professor’s evaluation] and after that the professor told him in the middle of a class that “lo tenia fichado” (he was a marked man)” claimed the suicide victim’s brother.

“My parents spoke with the Deacon, making him aware of the situation and warning him that their son had the intention of doing something, although nobody knew what,” he added.

The family are very upset with the professor in question, who had reported his student to the police, and they reiterate that their son suffered from a serious mental problem, and that he was not a delinquent or anything of that kind.

Members of staff of the Odontology Faculty attended the young man’s funeral, as well as other teachers from the university.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)