Blue Zone Squabble Grows

The IU Spokesman in Salobreña, Angel Coello, quickly responded to Mª Carmen Rodríguez Callejón’s (Councillor for Citizen Safety) press release.

With irony, he criticised the PSOE’s change of position on blue zoning. When they were in the opposition they argued the complete opposite to what they are now defending, which is basically the blue-zone policy of the previous PP administration. Sr Coello said that the PSOE are using the very same arguments that they themselves opposed.

Furthermore, concerning the Town Councils claim that the decision was taken in consensus with local businesses in the affected area, he said that the chiringuito owners on the beaches should not have been the only entities consulted. He argues that people who live in the area should also have been consulted when seeking a consensus, together with social and cultural entities. In fact, he says that there should have been a binding referendum on the subject.

He stated that at no time did he suggest converting the vega into car parking, as the Councillor claimed. On the contrary, he claims, the Councillor should take a look at the parallel avenue to the beach road and observe that there are empty plots on the vega side of the said road and areas of agricultural land which are not being used, all of which could be used as alternative parking if an agreement could be reached with the owners, be they private individuals or property developers.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)